Jeff Presley



Jeff began teaching submission wrestling & takedowns here in 2004. Jeff has extensive experience training & coaching Mixed Martial Arts (Grappling, Striking, Submissions). He wrestled in College, Freestyle and Greco Roman & has extensive training in other martial arts for self defense (Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga…)

Jeff accepted a wrestling scholarship for the University of Tennessee at Knoxville under 2 time Olympian Grey Simons, where his squad was ranked in the top 10 in the country and even knocked off perennial top-ranked powers such as Penn State and Iowa State. Coach Simons asked to help teach at summer camps. Jeff has volunteered as assistant coach at CBHS & Briarcrest, coaching many state champs.

Jeff is highly sought after as a coach. He is a very talented instructor and communicator and has a true gift at teaching the details & technical aspects that make all the difference.

Jeff was first introduced to Submission Wrestling & other martial arts while in school. “Catch Wrestling” legend Billy Wicks attended Jeff’s matches becoming a friend & mentor. Mr. Wicks showed Jeff his favorite techniques at the Sheriff sub-station where he trained the officers. Jeff eventually received two Catch Wrestling “black belt” certificates from Mr. Wicks as his 3rd student.

Jeff is a pro MMA judge all over the Mid-South, for fights like Bellator. Jeff even helped coach Robert Daniel a National Champion & our Sumo Wrestling team. He is always learning and improving as an instructor.

Check out Jeff and his friend Brandon Slay (2000 Olympic Freestyle Gold Medalist) who were featured in the March 2009 Tapout Magazine, technique section.

Contact Jeff by his full name at or via Facebook  LinkedIn if you would like to take your wrestling (for High School, MMA or Submission Wrestling) to the next level by scheduling a private or semi-private lesson with Jeff.



Jeff is the most honest, hard working person that I know and has been more than just an incredible wrestling coach but also a great friend and mentor to not just me but many students. He is exceptional when communicating material and knowledge. Most of all he is very passionate about wrestling and instructing. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a person with these attributes. David Ferguson

“Jeff is the best mentor that I had the opportunity to work with in the greater Memphis area. My technique and confidence improved greatly after working with him. His coaching style is unique because of the different fighting styles such as Jiu Jitsu that he applies to wrestling technique. Jeff has had a lot of experience with wrestling and his coaching can reflect that” 
Michael Isom

“Jeff began coaching my high school wrestling team in technique and strategy when I was a freshman. It didn’t take long to realize how talented he is in both knowledge and his ability to instruct. He has an amazing mind that allows him to reproduce each move with outstanding attention to fine and pertinent details, a keen situational awareness that allows him to quickly pinpoint solutions and opportunities on the mat, and a drive to make each wrestler that he coaches the best that he can be. He is excellent at quickly identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a wrestler’s technique, and then selecting the perfect set of moves to drill in order to cater to these areas of need. He is very patient, extremely kind, extraordinarily humble, selfless, and full of integrity. During my junior and senior year my wrestling team was very small due to a lack of interest. Despite this adversity, he persevered with me and successfully coached me to a state championship during each of these years. Jeff is one-of-a-kind, and excellent at what he does. I give him my highest recommendation” 
Brett Davenport

“Jeff was an excellent wrestling coach. His motivation, insight and professionalism contributed greatly to the team. His expert technique instruction resulted the team competing at the highest level”
 Coach Charles Blagg